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🐶How to Stuff a KONG🐶 Kong Toys for Dogs - Full Tutorial

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Stuff a Kong Toy for Your furry Friend!

Dogs are intelligent creatures that love to play and receive treats. A kong toy is a must-have for dog owners who want to keep their pets entertained and mentally stimulated. The kong toy is a durable rubber toy that can be filled with treats, peanut butter, or other treats to keep your dog occupied and happy for hours. It is also an excellent tool for training your dog to stay focused and calm. In this blog post, we'll show you how to stuff a kong toy and provide you with some creative options to keep your dog's interest piqued.

How to Stuff a Kong Dong Toy

Start with the right size Kong toys for dogs

Start with the Right Size: Before stuffing a kong toy, you need to ensure it is the right size for your dog. A kong toy that is too small may not be challenging enough for your dog, while a large toy may be too challenging. Pick the size based on your dog’s size and chewing habits.

Pick the right treats for your Kong dog toy

Pick the Right Treats: Your dog will be more interested in the kong toy if the stuffing is irresistible. You can use moist dog treats, cheese, peanut butter, wet food, and kibble as fillings. Cut larger chunks into smaller pieces to fit into the toy or use food that is already smaller, such as dry dog food. Remember, your aim is to stimulate your dog's curiosity, so the better the filling, the more your dog will play with the toy.

Layer the filling as you stuff Kong toys for dogs

Layer the Filling: Kong toys come in two varieties - the Classic Kong and the Kong Extreme for aggressive chewers. Fill the toy with a small amount of a soft filling, like peanut butter or yogurt, and use a spoon or knife non-stick to spread it along the walls of the KONG. Push a treat, such as a small piece of cheese or a larger kibble, into the mixture for extra interest. Continue layering the filling, alternating between soft and hard fillings.

Freeze the filled Kong dog toy so it lasts longer

Freeze for a Longer Chew: To make the treat last longer and your dog stay entertained, put the stuffed toy in the freezer for 2 to 4 hours before giving it to your dog. This makes the filling harder, becoming more challenging for your dog when it plays with it.

Challenge your dog by making them work to get the treats out

Make It Challenging: To add more challenge to your pup, plug the small hole in the toy with a piece of banana, cheese or use a squeeze bottle to seal it with some peanut butter. This makes the toy more difficult for your dog, restricting the treats’ flow, making them work and work for their rewards.

Kong toys for dogs provide an excellent outlet for dogs to satisfy their natural chewing instincts while keeping them engaged and challenged.

Kong toys provide an excellent outlet for dogs to satisfy their natural chewing instincts while keeping them engaged and challenged. By using the right size and type of filling and freezing your dog's toy, your dog will stay busy and enjoy the toy for an extended period. And don't forget, all work and no play makes a dog dull, so give your furry friend the mental and physical engagement they deserve!

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