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🐶Kong Dog Toys put to the TEST🐶 #kong #dogtoys #chews

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Will my English Mastiffs choose the femur bones or the kong dog toys first?

Kong Dog Toys | KONG EXTREME | Wobble Dog Chew Toy
Kong Dog Toys | KONG EXTREME | Wobble Dog Chew Toy

And which type of kong dog toy do they like most?


When it comes to finding the perfect chew toy for my two English Mastiffs, I'm always on the lookout for something that will keep them entertained and engaged. Dogs have an innate need to chew. And its up to us owners to provide appropriate chewing material. Otherwise they can turn to chewing our household items. After much research, I decided to put Kong Dog Toys to the test. I wanted to see if my dogs would choose femur bones or the Kong Dog Toys first.

Have you ever had a dog that chews you out of house and home?

Dogs have been known to chew up furniture, doors, and even walls

Mastiffs have the bite force of an alligator! lol. jk. I don't know the technical level of bite force they have, but I do know it's high high high! High enough to split a cow leg bone in half!

Oh the horror stories I've seen in my many mastiff Facebook groups. I believe one person's dog even escaped from the bathroom by chewing off the bottom part of the door!

Jason and I had our own horror experience with Mia, a gorgeous English Mastiff about 9 months old when we brought her home.

We did not realize the level of separation anxiety she had and we made the mistake of leaving her along in the house while we went to church.

We came home to a scene from Home Alone. Our blinds were demolished. And here teeth marks remained imprinted on the window and door trim. Poor thing.

This is why I make a practice of giving Zuri and Zelli femur bones regularly + other appropriate chew toys. (I even tried a tire once, but that's a story for another day. Hint, she started eating it... YES a literal little tire disappearing bit by mysterious bit)

I Did a Case Study to See if My Dogs Preferred Kong Dog Toys or Femur Bones

How I Did the Case Study: step by step

  1. First I bought two types of kong dog toys, one hollow and one squeaky. Plus I bought two cow femur bones from our locally owned farm store.

  2. I unwrapped the kong toys for dogs indoors while they spied on me through the window.

  3. I admit I squeaked the squeaky toy a little too annoyingly much while trying to get a video. (Later my dog would take it from my hand and just set it down on the ground. I think I annoyed her. Lol. My bad. )

  4. I made the mistake of taking the femur bones outside to fully unpackage because they have crumbles that can make a mess when you rip off the plastic packaging.

  5. The dogs have had femur bones before, and they can tell by scent that they WANT SOME.

  6. The dogs made it their duty to hover around the package until able to take the bones.

  7. I then put peanut butter into the hollow kong, which Zuri promptly helped herself to.

Which Dog Chew Toy Did They Choose?

THEY CHOSE THE FEMUR BONES definitely the femur bones.

No question. While they would also gobble down any peanut butter that was easy available, it certainly wasn't worth hours of chewing to them when they had delicious bone marrow to chew to.

And like I said, the squeaky toy apparently annoyed Zelli. She would take it out of my hand and drop it on the ground. I have video proof.

Although, in fairness the bright blue squeaky toy was carried in a doggie mouth for a little bit.

My opinion of Kong Dog Toys and Femur Bones After Time has Passed

I have a photo of how the femur bones and kong dog toys were holding up after some time had passed.

The KONG DOG TOYS are practically in new condition, except dirty. And by that I mean, they are still in one piece and not half eaten away like the past tire I bought for Zelli or even Zelli's past stainless steal food dishes. Yes she once was desperate enough to chew up stainless steel.

The femur bones do get consumed over time. I usually buy replacement bones every month or so, so there can sometimes be an odd bone remnant left over that hasn't been fully eaten. But they do like to crack them open and eat the bone marrow.

My opinion is that I like having both femur bones and kong dog toys on hand because when the femur bones are used up, my Zelli still has toys around that can stand up to her massive bite force and need to chew.

Many People Struggle to Find an Affordable and Healthy Way to Keep Aggressive Chewers Engaged - What is the Solution?

One of the easiest solutions to keep aggressive chewers engaged and their jaws healthy is purchasing durable toys and safe giant bones for them. Kong dog toys are a great way to go because they are high quality and can last for many months with aggressive chewers. I have yet to see one actually wear out. Femur bones also do wonders in engaging their minds as well, since it requires problem solving skills to get the bone marrow out. Moreover, these bones are all natural and full of nutrition.

Overall, if you find yourself struggling to keep your aggressive chewer entertained and healthy, investing in some dog toys and femur bones could be a great way to give them something to chew on that is both safe and enjoyable.

Happy pup = happy life! :)

Cow femur bones / thigh bones are a much loved option but ultimately they are consumed and have to be replaced

Cow femur bones are a great option for aggressive chewers because they are very durable, and the bone marrow inside can provide hours of entertainment. However, these bones must eventually be replaced when the marrow is all gone.

Kong claims their KONG EXTREME holds up to aggressive chewers, and you can simply replace the filling.

Kong dog toys are a great alternative for those times when you need something that will last longer than a femur bone. The Kong Extreme is made of non toxic natural rubber and it stands up to aggressive chewers. Additionally, you can fill the toy with treats or peanut butter, so your pup will have something tasty to work on in addition to chewing. This gives them something extra fun for their minds, as well as keeping their jaws busy.

Where to buy Kong Dog Bones

Here is a helpful list of places to buy Kong Dog Toys. (not sponsored)

Where to buy femur bones (cow thigh bones)

Here is a helpful list of places to buy cow femur bones. (not sponsored)

Sure, here's a list of links where you can buy cow femur bones for dogs:

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Kong Dog Toys | Femur Bone | Thigh Bone | Kong Toys for Dogs | Dog Chew Toy

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